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Classic Wedding Dress

Do you know a romantic love story about classic wedding dress?

In 16th century, the royal family in Europe was fond of hunting. One afternoon, the royal family went hunting in a small town in the Northern Ireland. The Earl Charles met Miss Rose, washing clothing by the river. They fell in love with each other quickly.

However, in the feudal society, it was unacceptable for a nobility to marry a civilian. In order to force the Earl to give up, the royal family raised an unfeasible requirement. They asked Miss Rose to tailor a white gown (The wedding dress was not popular at that time) over night, with the length from the wedding platform of the church specially built up for the royal family in Ireland to the church gate.

Miss Rose and the residence in the town did not sleep all night. They made an exquisite white gown 16 meters long. The royal family had to consent to their marriage. From then on, Earl Charles and Miss Rose lived together happily.

In the 21 century, the classic wedding dress is still quite popular due to the profound cultural heritage, simple design and the luxury style of the royal family.

Generally, the classic evening dress is decorated with C shape, S shape curve or spirally shaped pattern to express the artistic characteristic. Besides classic civilization, like simplicity, nobility, calmness and greatness, the mysterious symbol such as romance, purity and morality have been fully integrated in the classic wedding dress. Dressed up in this wedding gown, you can feel both the centurial classic temperament and the ever-changing fashion of the 21st century.

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