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The slim wedding dress is specially designed to reveal the exquisite figure of the bride. Highlighting the proportion of the bust, waist and hip, the breast and boned hemline, as well as the perfect curve of the breast, display the graceful stature of the bride. Additionally, our product is particular designed for particular presentation.

1. Slim wedding decoration specially designed for embellishing legs.
Compared with the knee-high bride dresses, the slim wedding dress with over instep hemline can effectively improve the image of the bride with plump legs. The simply designed slim wedding decoration makes for the slender figure of the bride. Additionally, the princess bubble skirt or the long train wedding gown is suitable for tall bride.

2. Bride dresses designed for embellishing arms.
Mandarin sleeve and puff sleeve wedding dress is generally made of soft materials such as chiffon and real silk. The elbow-length or the bracelet sleeves can gloss over the plump arms. Generally the top of the sleeve is tight and the below is loose. Sometimes, the woven pattern or tippet is integrated with this evening dress.

3. Wedding decoration designed for embellishing hip
The royal waistline and the princess bubble skirt can perfectly beautify the hip. The A-line hemline decorated with bowknot at the waist is quite popular.

4. Prom dress offered for embellishing waist
Produced with princess seam, the waist of the slim wedding dress can be perfectly tightened. The V shape low waistline is conducive to showing the body curve. This range of product is quite suitable for the bride with wide shoulders. Additionally, the X shape prom dress can well embellish the waistline to accent the shoulders and hip.

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