2013 Wedding dress

Wedding dress, romantic, auspicious and prospective, represents the nice aspiration and the romantic dream hidden in the heart of girls. Produced with supple silk, graceful satin or romantic lace, the wedding gown enjoys the incomparable artistic conception. The color assortment, detail design, as well as the accessories application, makes the bride mystical and elegant.

Periodically popular, the fashionable elements out of date will be in vogue over a period of time. In 2013, the qualitative improvement combines the traditional elements with signs of times. Additionally, the integration of the design culture and scientific achievement has been well received by our clients.

Decorated with bead, lace and bowknot, the design of the neckline, sleeves and the waistline has been further improved. Moreover, we lay great emphasis on the integration of the sexy elements for the bare back.

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