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Agent Inviting

Why us
1. We are a professional supplier engaged in the industry for years.
2. Besides the all-round services, we are also capable of offering diversified productions.
3. With effective management system, our wedding dress is scientifically designed with delicate design elements.

Why you
Agent capable of offering all-round services
In addition to the first-class quality, we believe, the all-round services are of crucial importance for running business. Therefore, we hope we can work together to shorten the delivery time. Whether the order is big or small, the standards adopted for production are of the same. Moreover, we also need the help from our agents to make dynamic adjustment on the production order and the production schedule.

Company willing to develop together with us
We believe the success of our company and our agents are interdependent. As a developing company, we are looking forward to the agent who wishes to work with us for mutual development.

Enterprise with favourable reputation
We are aiming to be an internationally famous brand for wedding dress in the following several years. So, we need the support from the company who is enjoying good reputation in the market.

Do you want to join us? If so, please kindly contact. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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