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Company Profile

Dynast Bridal (Nature Beauty Dress Group Limited), is a China-based innovation-oriented enterprise engaged in the development, design, manufacture, and service of wedding dresses.

We offer a variety of beautiful and quality wedding dresses. Divided by fabric, there are chiffon wedding dress, silk wedding dress, lace wedding dress, satin wedding dress, and satin wedding dress. According to style, there are one shoulder wedding dress, fishtail wedding dress, A-line wedding dress, princess wedding dress, etc. In addition, based on the function of the wedding dress, there are farewell wedding gown, toast wedding gown, queen wedding gown, welcoming wedding gown, and outdoor wedding gown.

Our reputation is built on innovation. Under the leadership of our chairman who is also a wedding dress designer, we are engaged in providing original wedding dresses which keep up with international trends and combine unique Chinese culture characteristics. Our wedding gowns can be comprehensively sorted into A-line series, ball gown series, mermaid series, lace series, fashion series, and classic series.

Each wedding dress we offer is made of middle and top grade fabric, crystal, diamond, or pearl. With meticulous handwork, you have the assurance that we are fully devoted ourselves to providing you with the first-grade wedding gown and superior service. The reasonable price makes our bridal gowns quite popular in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, as well as some other countries and regions.

We are looking forward to cooperating with more foreign importers and distributors of wedding dresses. We appreciate each inquiry and strive to offer the best service.

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