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OEM Service

To bring individuality to life, our company is capable of offering OEM services. The specific requirements are as follows:
1. Product design
2. Photocopy
3. Replicate sample
4. The minimum order shall be more than 3pcs for each style (For normal orders, sample from us is available).

What is the most important thing before wedding? It is no doubt the selection of the wedding dress, which has higher additional value, is of great importance to each bride. In the world, over 90% wedding dresses are from China. Currently, there is a growing trend in wedding dress consumption. In Spain, the average consumption is higher than EUR 850.

While, in the Asian countries, taking China, Japan and Korea for example, bride is inclined to rent wedding dress. Only a small proportion of women are willing to purchase their own evening dress. Beautiful and inexpensive, however, it is still a pity the wedding dress is not your own completely. Some used wedding dress even seems a bit threadbare. With the fast development of economy, it has been a trend to purchase the wedding dress rather than renting.

Ever since the era of industrialization, batch production leaves limited space for individuality. It is sure that the unitary models can not fully fit the figures and the styles favoured by different brides. So, it has been a high-quality life attitude and life style to customize wedding dress, which can meet your requirement in pursuing new fashion and individuality to the greatest extent.

With years of experience in the industry, we have the following understanding to share with you.

Style orientation
1. Classic style
The classic wedding dress is mainly made of lace and satin. The X shape fully accents the characteristic of the feminity---breast, waist and hip. Moreover, the ornament of the classic wedding dress is complex.

2. Elegant style
The elegant evening dress is generally produced with a train at the lower hem to extend the length of the product and display elegance and gorgeousness. Made of soft and gloss satin, the curve shaping makes the product quite popular.

3. Natural style
Made of cotton or linen, the H silhouette and the decoration of the natural wedding gown are simple.

4. Romantic style
Possessing graceful silhouette and soft curve, the romantic wedding dress is generally decorated with lace, embroidery, and other ornament. Made of chiffon and silk, the colour brightness is lower.

5. Lovely style
The lovely wedding decoration is produced from tulle. The delicate colors like pink, light green, and some others are all suitable for this range of product. Bowknot and lace are taken as the main ornament.

6. Avant-garde style
Refusing softness and mediocrity, the avant-garde wedding dress is made of novel materials, like leather. Black material is adopted to show extreme individuality.

Draping technology
The ball gown tailored with draping technology is well fitting, especially to the bride with distinct shape features. In the state of three dimensions, the fabric drape and the overall balance can be comprehensively observed. Accordingly, the shaping problem for plane tailoring can be fully solved.

Compared with plane tailoring, draping is simpler and can bring notable effect, especially for the wedding dress featuring dissymmetry and complexity. Therefore, the structural proportion of the wedding dress can be effectively controlled. Moreover, draping is not restricted by the design formula of plane figure, which may inspire talent for designing. Lack of intuitive visual effect, it is difficult to judge whether the shaping is standardized or not through plane tailoring.

No matter how the wedding dress is designed, the main purpose is to accent the line of beauty, bosom, waist and hip.

Bride's like
Generally, brides in different ages or with different figures has special requirement on the wedding dress.

Classification by figure
1. Bride satisfied with their neck, shoulders and overall image: favour the product with lower neckline, semicircle sleeve, middle waist, knee-high skirt, medium hemline and X shape evening gown.
2. Woman content with arms and weight: generally, they are fond of the wedding dress with short sleeves.
3. Bride with outstanding waist curve: ball gown with tightened waistline is quite popular with them.
4. Lady satisfied with stature: they tend to choose the bride gown with long skirt.

Additionally, the depth of neckline, sleeve length, waistline height, waist tightness and size of the hemline varies with ages. Wedding dress with medium size is much more popular

Classification by age
18-25: wedding dress with tightened waistline is well received by the bride with nice chest curve.

26-35: for the ladies who are satisfied with their abdomen and hip generally follows the evening gown with lower waistline. Additionally, if they are proud of their legs, ball gown with short skirt can draw their attention successfully.

36-45: bride satisfied with their legs like the wedding dress with short skirt.

46-55: if they are proud of their waist curve, prom dress with tightened waistline is highly concerned by them. For the ladies with long legs, they are fond of the product with long skirt.

56 and elder: they seem to favour the wedding dress with longer skirt if they are satisfied with their stature and legs.

Professional and considerate, we are sure there is undoubtedly a style to suit you.

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