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Produce Design

The leading designer of our company has 20 years' experience in the industry. There are five assistant designers working in the department. Currently, we are inviting a French designer and an Italian designer to join us.

Design Philosophy
We are willing to provide optimal product through scientific design method, meticulous design element and high-efficiency design management.

1. Scientific design method
Upon careful analysis on the international development trend, we are committed ourselves in developing the wedding dress with outstanding overall visual enjoyment and multi tiers. The methods we adopted are more systematic, scientific and reasonable.

2. Meticulous design elements
Starting with the most important four elements, shaping, color, fabric and ornament, our designers make thorough analysis on the artistic style of the wedding dress to create the design that is in compliance with elements of aesthetics and can be effectively applied into wedding dress.

3. High-efficiency design management
With 20 years’ experience in the industry, our designers have built a Chinese design model based on artistic style and art element. The abilities of our instructional designer in obtaining, integrating and creating the artistic style and art element effectively shorten the period for product development and production.

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