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Quality Control

The production technology is extremely complex due to the specificity of the wedding dress. So the product has certain difference and uncertainty. In order to guarantee the stable quality, we have samples for all the wedding dresses developed to avoid the problems caused by difference and product quality.

Our company has a professional inspection team staffed with 5 employees engaged in the industry for over five years. Generally, the quality of the wedding dress is controlled from the following 4 aspects:

1. To ensure the optimal product quality, it is strictly forbidden to deliver the product with thread end, bad sewing, stain, unqualified ironing, and some others.

2. The top-grade wedding dress fabric shall be used to realize the first class quality featuring light, thin, soft, mild and well ironed.

3. The quality of the accessories such as button, ornament, zipper and shoulder pad shall also be improved to enhance the overall quality of the wedding dress.

4. We are not tied to the standard versions that have already existed. Based on the traditional tailoring technology, we design the wedding dress in compliance with the figure of human-beings, which makes our product well-fitting.

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