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Wedding Dress Fabric

Along with the development of science and technology, the design of the wedding dress fabric has to be kept abreast of the times. Besides diversified design, the chemical fiber or the blending presents a new appearance. Generally, the wedding dress is made of satin. With different tactile sensation, the wedding dress material can reflect the visual appreciation and emotions of the wearer.

In 1938, nylon was the popular garment material. Besides the lining, the veil was made from nylon, as well. As the most traitorous generation in 1960s, natural and soft material dominated the market. However, from 1980s, evening dress made of luxury and superb lace was followed up by more and more brides. On the wedding party of UK Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981, the wedding dress of Diana integrated with old and new elements. Numerous pearls, sequins, bowknot and lace were used to decorate the 8-meter long taffeta gown. Since then, wedding dress made of taffeta with bubble sleeve, falbala and the bowknot was in fashion.

In 1990s, learning from the design of the fashionable clothing, wide ranges of colors and wedding dress fabric were selected. Different kinds of materials brought different feelings. The silk, georgette, satin and bright fabrics represented gentleness, grace, luxury and tenderness, respectively.

As a professional manufacturer, we d the wedding dress fabric based on the style to be expressed, velvet for gorgeous and noble ball dress, pure cotton cloth with soft nap for plain, simple and gentle evening dress, cotton and jute for natural and plain wedding dress, and yarn and lace for romantic wedding gown.

Following the demand of times, the product made of popular and special wedding dress fabric are both available from us. It has always been our aim to satisfy the demand of all the clients to the greatest extent.

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