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Wedding Dress Style

Frequently changed, the wedding dress style is developed to reveal the curve beauty of the brides, bosom, waist and hip.

In 1920s, the classic wedding dress with short hemline was quite popular. However, in 1950s, 1980s and 1990s, more and more simple, elegant and personalized elements were continuously integrated into the elbow-length sleeve weeding dress. As the mainstream, the fashion wedding dress and freestyle wedding dress are developed to show the individuality.

In the diversified era, our company tries our best to meet customer’s requirement based on our experience, market investigation and fashion trend. The wedding dress style is developed according to the physical characteristic, individuality and temperament of the bride. The multilayer tailoring of our product is based on the standardized size. We will invite models for repeated fitting to confirm if there is any defect. Even though production line is introduced, our product has the same quality with that is singly produced.

Particularly, with the popularization of Chinese style, we develop the wedding gown from the single westernization to the combination of Chinese and Western elements. Applying red into our product, we can offer the ball dress with the charm of oriental culture.

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